Vintage Recipes and Remedies

Please note that I have included all of the words that I am able to read and I have used the spelling and abbreviations that were used in the original notebooks and loose inserts. For completeness I have included recipes (receipts) even if they are only partial due to water damage etc. The list is in the order that they were written. 
There are later notebooks but they have not yet been transcribed.

Recipes & Remedies
1. Mince PyesS1 2. Lemon Cheas CakeS1 3. Icing for a CakeS1 4. Rice CakeS1 5. MuffinsS1 6. Potator StarchS1 7. Purple WaterS1 8. Pickle HamsS1 9. Mock Asses MilkS1 10. Hoggs PuddingS1 11. *for the Rheumatism S1 12. Curd Cheas CakesS1 13. Plaine CakeS1 14. Pickle Red CabbageS1 15. Whole Rice Boil’d PuddingS1